How I use The Hero's Journey for lifestyle design

I'm Joe Gatto, a 46 year-old copywriter, lifestyle design coach, music curator, and traveling entrepreneur originally from Columbus, Ohio. Nowadays, I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Since 1996, I've been living in warm places, the more exotic the better.The Hero's Journey Guide

At a young age I dedicated myself to traveling and figuring out ways to earn income while living in fascinating places. This wasn't always easy or lucrative.

For years I struggled to get clear on what I truly wanted and how to get it — in a way that was fulfilling for me and valuable to others & the world.

Now that I've been living the traveling entrepreneur lifestyle for over 20 "Why" is to connect with interesting people, find out what excites them, learn more about everything that fascinates me, explore the world, and invite other people in to share what I know — so that they too can feel fascinated, find flow, and be inspired to live life on their own terms.

As I gained more life experience, I discovered various systems for setting goals, identifying core values, and designing my life to be the way I wanted it.

Now that I've organized the best parts of these systems according to The Hero's Journey...they all make more sense, and it's easier to create a compelling plan for the future I automatically stick that I'm finally living life on my own terms.

If you'd like to discover how my system for designing your life using proven goal setting strategies organized according to The Hero's Journey will help you design your ideal life — click here to go through the free course and get moving toward realizing your dreams.

If you are a person who wants to make a big change in life and needs clarity about how to do it, I’ll help you articulate your own best action plan via solutions-focused Socratic inquiry. This is perfect for people who prefer to “talk it out” vs. writing out their plans, goals, and dreams in isolation.

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